Why Don't The Poor Rise Up?: Organizing The Twenty-First...

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"Each of these essays is a sharpened weapon for the battles looming large on the horizon." -George Ciccariello-Maher, author ofBuilding the Commune"Combining the most creative thought from the global North and South,Why Don't the Poor Rise Up?promises to be an indispensable resource for understanding why the new revolutionary movement of the 21st century will emerge from the ranks of the most marginalized by capitalism and colonialism." -Ajamu Baraka, editor ofBlack Agenda ReportEven mainstream media like theNew York TimesandThe Economisthave recently posed the question: Why don't the poor rise up?, uneasily amazed that capitalism hasn't met with greater resistance. In the context of unparalleled global wealth disparity, ecological catastrophe, and myriad forms of structural oppression, this vi
ant collection offers a reassessment of contemporary obstacles to mass mobilization, as well as examples from around the world of poor people overcoming those obstacles in inspiring and instructive new ways. With contributions fromIdle No More organizer Alex Wilson, noted Italian theorist Franco "Bifo" Berardi, and nineteen other scholars and activists from around the world,Why Don't the Poor Rise Up?presents a truly global range of perspectives that explore the question of revolution, its objective and subjective prerequisites, and its increasing likelihood in our time.Ajamu Nangwaya, Ph.D., is an educator at Seneca College with over twenty-five years of experience in community organizing and advocacy.Michael Truscello, Ph.D., is an educator at Mount Royal University and author of the forthcoming book-The Infrastructure Society.