Breakfast Love: Perfect Little Bowls Of Quick, Healthy...

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Author Bez, David
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Breakfast Lovecontains more than 160 bowls for healthy, speedy breakfast ideas that will set you up for the day.Breakfast Lovewill make you fall in love with this often over-looked meal, and energize you to create a beautiful bowl of breakfast salad before you start the day. Each bowl is made up of a base of grains, two seasonal fruit and vegetables, some protein, a delicious dressing, yogurt or milk, and an optional topping. There are sweet and savory ideas, and basic recipes to make your own granola, muesli, and dairy-free nut 'yogurt'. Every recipe is categorized as vegan, vegetarian, raw, carnivore, or omnivore so that you can cater to your own dietary preference. With a stunning photo of every recipe, this is a feast for the eyes and fantastically inspiring.