Making Of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Author Hay, Daisy
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“Invention ...does not consist in creating out of void, but out of chaos—Mary ShelleyIn the two hundred years since its first publication, the story ofFrankenstein's creation during stormy days and nights at Byron's Villa Diodati on Lake Geneva has become literary legend. In this compelling and innovative book, Daisy Hay stitches together the objects and manuscripts of the novel's turbulent genesis in order to
ing its story back to life.Frankensteinwas inspired by the extraordinary people surrounding the eighteen-year-old author and by the places and historical dramas that formed the backdrop of her youth. Featuring manuscripts, portraits, illustrations, and artifacts,The Making of Mary Shelley's “Frankensteinexplores the novel's time and place, the people who inspired its characters, the relics of its long afterlife, and the notebooks in which it was created. Hay stripsFrankensteinback to its constituent parts to reveal an uneven novel written by a young woman deeply engaged in the process of working out what she thought about the pressing issues of her time: from science, politics, religion, and slavery to maternity, the imagination, creativity, and community. Richly illustrated throughout, this is an astute and intricate biography of the novel for all those fascinated by its essential,
illiant chaos.