Little Book Of Forgiveness

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Item#: 9781856754422
Author Gaia Books Ltd.
Cover Paperback
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Bring the art and power of forgiveness into your life with this Little Book
Anger is toxic to our mental and physical health; it increases stress levels, anxiety and the risk for illnesses such as heart disease. But we can choose to release this anger and toxic energy by harnessing the spiritual powers of forgiveness.
True forgiveness is not about the feelings of others, it is actually about you. It's about freeing yourself from whatever has hurt you, and not letting it weigh you down anymore. Forgiveness is a joyous gift that anyone can use and empirical research has shown that when we are better at forgiveness, we experience lower levels of depression and anxiety. With the simple practices contained within this Little Book, you can bring more inner peace to your life.
The Little Book of Forgivenessis a beautifully illustrated guide filled with strategies and guidance on the art and power of forgiveness, using tools such as mindfulness, meditation, gratitude, creativity, relaxation and compassion to help you find true harmony with the world.