Ctma 2: Compendium Of Therapeutics For Minor Ailments

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Completely updated and redesigned to meet the needs of your expanding scope of practice.Compendium of Therapeutics for Minor Ailments (CTMA)takes on a fresh approach to management and triage of minor ailments covering the full spectrum of therapy for over 140 conditions. This quick reference provides the tools you need to confidently assess and manage your patients' minor ailments.Topics include:PathophysiologyAssessment and treatment algorithmsNonpharmacologic and pharmacologic therapyIllustrations and photosDrug tables, including brand names and relative costs of recommended therapiesOutcomes monitoringPlain-language patient handoutsCTMAhelps you empower your patients to participate in the management of minor ailments.Compendium of Products for Minor Ailments (CPMA)andCompendium of Therapeutic Choices (CTC)are indispensable companions to theCompendium of Therapeutic for Minor Ailments (CTMA).