Indian Treaties & Surrenders: Vol II Treaties #140-280

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Edition II
Author Canadian Government
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This significant historical work, first published in 1891 and one of three volumes in the series, is reprinted here in its original format. Indian Treaties and Surrenders is an excellent reference series for anyone interested in the history of agreements between Indians and the Crown. It is the only complete collection of the actual texts of all pre-Confederation treaties, land cessions, numbered treaties, and surrenders relating to land and governance until 1902. The documents in each volume are arranged chronologically, and the index to all three volumes, contained in Volume 1, is arranged alphabetically by First Nation, township, and the name of the Crown's representative in the transaction. Each volume also includes fold-out reproductions of the original maps used in the settlements. These volumes will be of use to land claims researchers, historians, and students. Schools will
also find it a valuable source of primary documentation for both teachers and pupils in Native Studies and history classes. In an era in which the content of the agreements made between Indians and the Crown is so much in contention, this book will provide easy access to the original texts.