Bsava Small Animal Formulary

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Edition 08
Author Ramsey, Ian
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ating its twentieth anniversary, the BSAVA Small Animal Formulary remains the indispensable guide to drugs used in veterinary practice. This edition has been fully revised and updated by an editorial panel of experts. As with previous editions, a number of new drug monographs have been added, including cetirizine, cisapride, moxifloxacin and torasemide, whilst those drugs no longer authorized for use in veterinary practice have been removed. The inclusion of examples of immunosuppressive protocols in the Appendix enhances the complementary information provided in the Formulary.

Table of Contents
Editorial Panel<
/>Preface to the eighth editionForewordIntroduction Notes on the monographsDistribution categoriesThe prescribing cascadeDrug storage and dispensingHealth and safety in dispensing<
/>Drug listings and monographs (listed A–Z by generic name)<
/> Appendix I: general information Ab
eviationsWriting a prescriptionTopical polypharmaceuticalsGuidelines for responsible antibacterial useRadiographic contrast agents: MRIDosing small and exotic animalsComposition of intravenous fluidsSafety and handling of chemotherapeutic agentsBody weight to body surface area conversion tablesPercentage solutionsDrugs usage in renal and hepatic insufficiencySuspected Adverse Reaction Surveillance SchemeFurther reading and useful websites<
/>Appendix II: protocols Chemotherapy protocols for lymphomaImmunosuppression protocolsSedation/immobilization protocolsSedative combinations for dogsSedative combinations for catsSedative combinations for exotic petsIndex: therapeutic class Index: generic and trade names