Atlas Of The Human Body

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Item#: 9781908714176
Author Meechubot & Jessop
Cover Hardback
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This large-format, beautifully presented book presents a journey through the human body both figuratively and literally. With exquisite, painstakingly detailed pencil illustrations by Kanitta Meechubot, the body is separated into layers on each page, and each layer is die-cut to show the layers underneath. As the pages are turned, young readers will find themselves traveling through the body in a way that will delight and inspire.In the second section of the book, text by ER doctor Vanessa Jessop explains the functions of the body's key organs in clear, accessible tones. Further illustrations accompany the text so that the heart, the lungs, the
ain, the liver, etc., are all vividly
ought to life.Harking back to anatomy atlases of the last century, the book has a classical simplicity to it, which is complemented by the clean, minimal design. Exquisite packaging sets it all off, including a fa
ic spine, a bold metallic cover, and creamy, heavy paper stock. A gorgeous gift book to keep and treasure.Kanitta Meechubotis a paper engineer and illustrator known for her intricate papercuts, which have been featured in numerous publications including the cover ofGrantamagazine and a number of titles by Portobello Books.