Aicardi's Diseases Of The Nervous System In Childhood

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Congenital or early-onset disorders of the nervous system have a profound and lifelong impact on the lives of children and their families.  Diseases of the Nervous System in Childhood provides up-to-date information on the full range of these neurological disorders, from fetal and neonatal neurology to adolescence.Movement disorders, epilepsies and seizure disorders, metabolic diseases, auditory and visual disorders, and genetic anomalies are among the many topics covered in this text.  Extensive reference lists at the end of each chapter guide the clinician to further relevant reading.This fourth edition retains the patient-focussed, clinical approach of its predecessors. The international team of editors and contributors has honoured the request of the late Jean Aicardi, that his book remain ‘resolutely clinical&, which distinguishes Diseases of the Nervous System in Childhood from other texts in the field.This edition:Is completely revised and updatedIncludes latest developments in genetic advancesContains new chapters on basal ganglia diseases and psychogenic disordersHas an easy-to-use one volume format with full-colour illustrations

Table of Contents
Jean Aicardi (1926&2015)Jean Aicardi: A Brief Curriculum VitaeAbout the EditorsAuthors& AppointmentPreface to Third EditionPreface to Fourth EditionAcknowledgementsPART 1: FETAL AND NEONATAL NEUROLOGY1. Fetal NeurologyAdré J Du Plessis and Michael V Johnston2. Neurological Diseases in the Perinatal PeriodMiriam Martinez-Biarge and Linda S de VriesPART 2: BRAIN MALFORMATIONS, NEUROCUTANEOUS SYNDROMES, GENETIC ANOMALIES and DYSMORPHIC SYNDROMES3. Developmental Brain MalformationsNadia Bahi-Buisson and Nathalie Boddaert4. Neurocutaneous Diseases and SyndromesEleni Panagiotakaki and Alexis Arzimanoglou5. Genetic Anomalies and Dysmorphic SyndromesKarine Pelc and Bernard DanPART 3: NEUROLOGICAL CONSEQUENCES OF PRENATAL, PERINATAL AND EARLY POSTNATAL INTERFERENCE WITH BRAIN DEVELOPMENT6. Osseous Malformations of the Skull and Cranioverte
al JunctionRichard Hayward and Dominic Thompson7. Hydrocephalus and Non-traumatic Pericere
al CollectionsAndrew Whitelaw and Christian Sainte-Rose8. Cere
al Palsy and Related Movement DisordersIngeborg Krägeloh-MannPART 4: METABOLIC AND HEREDODEGENERATIVE DISORDERS9. Metabolic DiseasesLinda De Meirleir10. Heredodgenerative DisordersVictoria San Antonio, Jaume Campistol Plana, Alexis Arzimanoglou and Robert OuvrierPART 5: POSTNATAL EXTRINSIC INSULTS11. Infectious DiseasesMichael Eyre, Alasdair Bamford and Cheryl Hemingway12. Parainfectious and Other Inflammatory Disorders of Immunological OriginMarc Tardieu and Michael Johnston13. Accidental and Non-Accidental Injuries by Physical and Toxic AgentsKaren Barlow, Robert Forsyth and Robert MinnsPART 6: TUMOURS AND VASCULAR DISORDERS14. Tumours of the Central Nervous System, Other Space-Occupying Lesions and Pseudotumour Cere
iColin Kennedy, Aabir Chakraborty and David Walker15. Cere
ovascular DisordersGa
ielle deVeber and Adam KirtonPART 7: PAROXYSMAL DISORDERS16. Epilepsy and Other Seizure DisordersAlexis Arzimanoglou and Michael S Duchowny17. Headache Disorders in ChildrenKenneth J Mack18. Sleep DisordersPatricia FrancoPART 8: MOVEMENT DISORDERS19. Basal Ganglia Disorders and Movement DisordersPaddy Grattan-Smith, Russell C Dale and Emilio Fernandez-Alvarez20. Tics and Gilles de la Tourette SyndromeRobert Ouvrier and Russell C Dale21. Non-Epileptic Paroxysmal Movement DisordersPaddy Grattan-Smith, Russell C Dale and Emilio Fernandez-AlvarezPART 9: DISORDERS OF THE OCULOMOTOR, VISUAL, AUDITORY AND VESTIBULAR SYSTEMS22. Disorders of Visual and Oculomotor FunctionsCarey Matsuba23. Disorders of Auditory and Vestibular FunctionsAnne O&HarePART 10: NEUROMUSCULAR DISEASES24. Diseases of the Motor NeuronMariacristina Scoto and Francesco Muntoni25. Disorders of the Peripheral NervesManoj Menezes and Robert Ouvrier26. Muscle DisordersMonique M Ryan, Francesco Muntoni and Kathryn N NorthPART 11: NEUROLOGICAL MANIFESTATIONS OF SYSTEMIC DISEASES27. Electrolyte and Acid-Base Metabolism Disturbances, Nutritional Disorders and Other Systemic DiseasesPeter BaxterPART 12: DEVELOPMENTAL AND NEUROPSYCHIATRIC DISORDERS OF CHILDHOOD28. Neurodevelopmental Disabilities and their ManagementBruce K Shapiro29. Autism Spectrum Disorder and Autistic-Like ConditionsAnne O'Hare and Roberto Tuchman30. Attention-Deficit&Hyperactivity Disorder and Co-existing ImpairmentsBruce K Shapiro31. Disorders of Speech, Language and CommunicationAnne O'Hare32. Psychogenic Neurological DisordersPaddy Grattan-Smith