Fifteen Minute Hour: Therapeutic Talk In Primary Care

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Item#: 9781910227206
Edition 05
Author Stuart & Lieberman
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Nearly 30 years after the first edition was published, The Fifteen Minute Hour: Therapeutic Talk in Primary Care continues to support primary care practitioners in solving and often preventing many psychological and behavioural problems, while enhancing the therapeutic relationship with their patients. The simple and effective techniques are easily learned and designed to increase patient satisfaction without adding significantly to the length of a visit. The book has become necessary reading around the world, and this fifth edition is completely updated with new references substantiating the efficacy of the authors¿ methods. New material focuses on findings regarding
ain plasticity, gene expression and the epigenetic effects of constructively managing stress, while also demonstrating the power of positive affirmation, mindfulness and exercise on enhancing health.¿

Table of Contents
Summary of Contents The Body, mind and the role of the primary care practitioner Patients, stress, and the office visit Cognitive behavioural therapy and other practical therapeutic interventions Starting with the BATHE technique Rationale and techniques for fifteen-minute therapy Agenda for the fifteen-minute counselling session Therapeutic interventions for difficult patient situations Accenting the positive: putting an affirmative spin on the BATHE technique Handling special situations, staff, and assuring self-preservation Wrapping up¿integrating treatments, modifying lifestyles, getting results Appendix A: Twelve good questions and three good answers for all seasons Appendix B: Recommended books for patients

Review Quotes
"For those of us who want to improve our communication and relational skills, there are few books better than this one. I¿ve read it multiple times, and return to it frequently. The fifth edition provides updated chapters and excellent references on mind-body relationships, cognitive behavioural therapies, and the particular challenges of difficult patients." ¿ Dr Gianakos, Director of medical Student Education, Centra Health, The Pharos "This is a highly valuable addition to and ancillary reading for a primary care practitioner's li
ary. It is worthwhile reading to remind us why we became physicians."¿Vincent F Carr, DO, MSA, FACC, FACP, in Doody¿s Book Reviews Praise for previous editions: "The Fifteen Minute Hour offers a useful technology in a concise little package; it can be read in a few hours, and the payoff for the time investment is substantial."¿JAMA