Primary Care Mental Health

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Author Gask, Et Al.
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Around ninety per cent of all patients with mental health problems are managed solely in primary care, including thirty-fifty per cent of all those with serious mental illness. Primary care plays an increasingly essential role in developing and delivering mental health services, and in the wellbeing of communities. In this book, internationally respected authors provide both a conceptual background and practical advice for primary care clinicians and specialist mental health professionals liaising with primary care. Clinical, policy and professional issues, such as working effectively at the interface between services, are addressed, with a key focus on patient and service user experience. Following the highly successful first edition, which was awarded first prize at the BMA Medical Book Awards in the category of Primary Health Care, this fully updated volume includes new chapters on mental health and long-term physical conditions, prison populations, improving access to care and public mental health.

Short Description
A comprehensive guide to this emerging field, fully updated to cover clinical, policy, and practical issues with a user-centred approach.

Table of Contents
Part I. Conceptual Basis and Overarching Themes: 1. What is primary care mental health? Linda Gask, Tony Kendrick, Robert Peveler and Carolyn A. Chew-Graham; 2. The epidemiology of mental illness Laura Thomas and Glyn Lewis; 3. A sociological view of mental health and illness Anne Rogers and David Pilgrim; 4. The patient and service user perspective Linda Gask and Sue Collinson; 5. Primary care mental health in low- and middle-income countries Mohan Isaac, Oye Gureje and Athula Sumathipala; 6. Diagnosis and classification of mental illness: a view from primary care Linda Gask, Christopher Dowrick, Michael Klinkman and Oye Gureje; Part II. Clinical issues: 7. Depression Tony Kendrick, Jane Gunn and Andre Tylee; 8. Suicide prevention: identification, intervention and mitigation of risk Alys Cole King and Siobhan O'Neill; 9. Anxiety Bruce Arroll and Tony Kendrick; 10. Medically unexplained symptoms Christopher Dowrick and Marianne Rosendal; 11. Mental health problems in older people Eugene Tang, Carolyn A. Chew-Graham and Louise Robinson; 12. Mental health and long-term physical conditions Peter A. Coventry and Stuart W. Mercer; 13. Perinatal mental health Debbie Sharp; 14. Common child and adolescent mental health problems Roz Shafran, Anna Coughtrey and Isobel Heyman; 15. Psychosis Helen Lester and Irwin Nazareth; 16. Emergencies in primary care Tony Kendrick and Helen Lester; 17. Drug use disorders Martyn Hull and Ed Day; 18. Management of alcohol problems Fiona Hamilton and Helen Lester; 19. Eating disorders Katie Lang and Ulrike Schmidt; 20. Physical health of people with mental illness Richard Holt, David Shiers and Robert Peveler; 21. Ethnic minorities Waquas Waheed and Carolyn A. Chew-Graham; 22. Asylum seekers and refugees Angela Burnett; 23. Sexual problems Michael King; 24. Mental health in offenders and prison populations Richard Byng and Andrew Forrester; Part III. Policy and Practice: 25. Public mental health Jonathan Campion; 26. The role of the primary care team Mark Haddad; 27. Improving access to care Simon Gilbody, Tony Kendrick and Linda Gask; 28. Collaborative care and stepped care: effective strategies for managing common mental disorders David Richards, Jacqueline J. Hill, Simon Gilbody, Peter Coventry and Linda Gask; 29. Psychological therapies Francis Cole, Karina Lovell, David Ekers and Linda Gask; Part IV. Reflective Practice: 30. Teaching and learning about mental health Linda Gask, Barry Lewis and David Goldberg; 31. Mental health research in primary care Tony Kendrick, Robert Peveler, Carolyn A. Chew-Graham, Linda Gask and Michael Moore; 32. Individual treatment decisions: guidelines and clinical judgement Tony Kendrick; 33. General practitioners and mental health Henry Allberry and Clare Gerada.