Understanding Laboratory Tests: A Quick Reference

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Author Maunder, Robin
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Every health care student and professional needs this unique pocket-sized reference. In an effort to simplify the complex world of laboratory testing and diagnosis, this easy-to-use guidebook was developed by an experienced educator in response to student demand. Using clear, easy-to- understand terminology, this everyday reference covers common lab tests and testing methods. Causes of conditions, signs and symptoms, lab findings, normal values and ranges, and interpretation of results are also addressed. Covers the need-to-know aspects of lab tests and diagnoses with a student-friendly approach, a focus on key content, and outstanding visual tools to help engage the student in the subject matter. "Did you know" boxes provide additional key facts as quick references throughout the book.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: HematologyChapter 2: ImmunologyChapter 3: MicrobiologyChapter 4: UrinalysisChapter 5: Biochemistry