Miss G & Me

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Item#: 9781927570753
Author Wallace, Jennifer
Cover Paperback

Ruth Williamson, aka Miss G, grew up in Jamaica. She left at a young age, under her mother's direction, to pursue a nursing education in England. Ruth then chose her own path, which led her to Canada, like so many immigrants in the late 1960s. Unlike many immigrants from the Caribbean at that time, Ruth ended up in rural Saskatchewan, working as a nurse while adjusting to the culture and climate of the Canadian Prairies.
Ruth’s life is one of resilience and determination. She married Ian MacLeod in Saskatoon in 1971, blending cultures in a mixed-race marriage that was unusual for its era. She built a nursing career that spanned over forty years, and mentored women and children from other countries and backgrounds.
It wasn’t until the nickname “Miss G” came up during a phone call from Jamaica that her daughter, author Jennifer Wallace, began asking more questions and unravelling the mysteries of her mother’s life. Miss G and Me: A Daughter’s Memoir uses anecdotes, journals, poetry, and personal essays to weave together the story of Ruth (Williamson) MacLeod – Miss G. Readers are invited on this lyrical, gentle journey to discover Ruth’s path and ultimately connect with their own history.