Growing Strong Girls: Practical Tools To Cultivate...

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“To grow up strong and confident, girls need connection with kind, competent adults, yet all too often they push that support away. For every parent, teacher, or mentor who has ever wondered, ‘How do I get through to her?’ Lindsay Sealey has given us a wealth of answers in her book Growing Strong Girls.” -Haley Kilpatrick Founder, Girl Talk™, and bestselling author ofThe Drama Years<
>Girls today face an astounding degree of pressure to grow up fast. They yearn to connect, but sometimes this yearning turns into negative, even destructive behavioral patterns such as gossiping, being passive aggressive or mean, becoming screen-addicted, or disengaging from school. It's heart
eaking to watch even the most confident little girls disconnect and lose their sparkle as they hit the preteen years.<
>InGrowing Strong Girls,Lindsay Sealey reveals the tremendous power of connection to activate self-awareness, inner strength, and confidence in girls. It all starts with a nurturing and secure connection between you and her.<
>In this book you'll discover:Why she should avoid frenemies and create a circle of friendsHow to set healthy boundaries and practise assertive self expressionThe truth about social media and screensSocial emotional learning strategies and lifelong learning habits you can implement at homeMore than 250 conversation starters, stories, tips, and activities to cultivate connection