Advanced Concepts In Multiple Sclerosis Nursing Care

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Author Halper, June (Ed)
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The nurse plays a vital role as an educator, care provider, and advocate for patients and families affected by multiple sclerosis (MS). The companion book to an earlier work,Comprehensive Nursing Care in Multiple Sclerosis,Advanced Concepts in Multiple Sclerosis Nursing Care, 2nd Editionexamines complex issues in MS management and reflects a new philosophy of MS care: one of empowerment. The focus is on the numerous settings in which MS nurses practice, as well as their many roles and responsibilities in managing this highly variable disease. It will provide the reader with an updated view of MS along with a greater understanding of its lifelong impact.Special features of the second edition include:<
>A new chapter on sustaining hope in MS patientsA new chapter on treatment of acute exacerbationsA new chapter on emerging intravenous therapiesExpanded sections on pain, depression, and skin care with frequent injectionsThe book is divided into sections dealing with the disease itself, advanced practice requirements for nurses, and advanced symptom management.Contributors toAdvanced Concepts in Multiple Sclerosis Nursing Care, 2nd Editionare nurse clinicians and researchers who work in geographically diverse practice settings throughout North America and Europe. The book will provide nurses with tools and strategies to improve the lives affected by multiple sclerosis and to reinforce the role of the nurse in managing it."

Table of Contents
Multiple Sclerosis: The Disease; The Nature of Multiple Sclerosis; New Hope for Progressive Multiple Sclerosis; Optimal Primary Care Management for People with Multiple Sclerosis;Advanced Practice in Multiple Sclerosis Nursing; The Evolution of Disease Management; Treatment of Acute Exacerbations; Emerging Intravenous Therapies; Promoting Adherence to Complex Protocols; The Role of Research in Nursing Practice; Research Coordinator: Another Dimension of MS Nursing; Case Management;Advanced Symptom Management; Recognizing and Treating Cognitive Impairment; Strategies and Challenges in Managing Spasticity; Pulmonary Complications; Pain; Depression: Assessment and Treatment Models; Skin Care with Frequent Injections; Complementary Treatments: What Nurses Need to Know; Dealing with Uncertainty: Sustaining Hope.