Successful Match 2017: Rules To Succeed In The Residency...

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Author Katta & Desai
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What does it take to match into the specialty and program of your choice? As the residency match becomes more competitive, the right strategy is essential for success. Utilizing a unique combination of evidence-based advice and an insiders' perspective, this book shows residency applicants how to develop the optimal strategy for success. This new edition covers all aspects of the residency application, and is filled with hundreds of insider tips and program director perspectives. Chapters dedicated to each specialty are packed with statistics, action items, and pitfalls to avoid. Applicants can use this information to upgrade their credentials, develop compelling ERAS applications, create high-impact personal statements, secure strong letters of recommendations, and impress during interviews. This new edition also includes chapters on osteopathic students, U.S. citizen IMGs, non-U.S. citizen IMGs, and the Couples Match. See why this book has become an invaluable resource to help applicants gain that extra edge.