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Does Time Heal All?: Exploring Mental Health In First Three

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Item#: 9781938558634
Author Miri Keren, Md
Cover Paperback
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In this book, the authors seek to debunk the idea that all troubling behaviors arising in early childhood will simply “pass with time,” asserting instead that every effort should be made to attempt diagnosis and treatment of truly abnormal issues early in life, while the baby's
ain is still flexible and malleable. Not a guide, nor an ordinary textbook, Does Time Heal All? Weaves together complex case and treatment descriptions that focus specifically on the interplay between genetic, biological, psychological, and cultural variables present both in the child and his or her environment. The resulting insights will fascinate and enrich all who seek to trace the thin line between normative behavior, even if extreme at times, and abnormal behavior caused by a psychological disorder requiring therapeutic intervention.