Offline Journal: An Illustrated Guide For A More Connected..

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Author Nicely, Jaya
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How would you spend a day offline?<
>Nowadays, being offline is a state of mind. It is a choice we can make each day--an opportunity to be present and awake. Artist Jaya Nicely'sOffline Journalhelps you experience the world around you. Designed as a journey through the day,The Offline Journalis beautifully illustrated in hand-drawn detail. Brimming with inspiration, activities, prompts, and pages for you to use however you like, it's an opportunity to reconnect and appreciate the beauty around us.<
>The Offline Journalis a creative workbook for anyone looking to express themselves phone-free, providing inspiration for a less Internet-y life and connecting, with:<
>Friends Community Nature Creativity Yourself<
>Divided into three parts – morning, afternoon, and night –The Offline Journalaccompanies you throughout the day, focusing on: connecting to yourself and the world more deeply, being productive, and finding rest and renewal. Screen-free.