Transforming Nursing Through Knowledge

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Item#: 9781945157639
Edition 01
Author Grinspun & Bajnok
Cover Paperback
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From conceptual and programmatic underpinnings to lived experiences of faculty, students, nurse executives, and bedside nurses, Transforming Nursing Through Knowledge leaves no stone unturned, allowing readers to gain a full understanding of a nurse's role in developing, using, and evaluating the impact of knowledge tools in healthcare. Authors Doris Grinspun and Irmajean Bajnok designed this text to be a practical, go-to book for healthcare organizations, nurse executives, and professionals learning to create world-class evidence-based cultures-how to get started, move forward, and achieve results. This book will help readers:<
>* Understand the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario (RNAO) Best Practice Guidelines (BPG) Program and its galvanizing power as a global movement that builds collective identity<
>* Discover the latest in guideline development, implementation science, and evaluation at scale<
>* Tackle healthy work environment challenges using BPGs to influence outcomes for health professionals, patients, organizations, and health systems<
>* Use implementation science and social movement strategies to successfully implement BPGs in academic and service settings<
>* Recognize that transferring and sustaining evidence uptake require active and multilevel interventions<
>* Learn to integrate technology, including nursing order sets, to support evidence-based clinical decision making<
>* Propel large-scale organizational and health system change using diffusion theory and social movement thinking<
>* Be inspired by nursing associations taking political leadership to secure the highest-quality health system for the public.<