Creatures Of Contact: Why You Need More Than A...

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Item#: 9781946633446
Author Birkman, Sharon
Cover Hardback

Understanding The Human ConnectionIn spite of advancements in technology that have allowed for more online "connection," loneliness is on the rise. Chronic loneliness is now seen among all ages and is quickly becoming an epidemic. What can be done to solve this human disconnection in a technologically connected world?
As chairman and CEO of Birkman International, Sharon Birkman helps organizations focus on personal and professional development using the Birkman Method, a comprehensive assessment of interpersonal and occupational strengths to address issues of appreciative awareness.
Focusing on social psychology, Sharon and Birkman International have helped not only organizations but also individuals find their careers, voices, confidence, and relevance amid the families and groups that surround them.
Sharon Birkman wroteCreatures of Contact: Why You Need More Than a Personality Testto arm you with a better, more accurate understanding of yourself and those around you so you can have the opportunity to become a stronger leader, a more effective coworker, and a happier spouse or parent.