Mondays Moves: Daily Office Stretches For Feeling Good....

Item Information
Item#: 9781949480054
Author Gosalia & Cordero
Cover Board book

“A great tool for taking breaks while working from home!”

“The PERFECT gift for friends, family and anyone who spends long hours sitting.”

“The cure for the Mondays is finally here!”

Mondays Movesis a fun and informative guide to help you turn your Office Space into your Happy Place. Our illustrated workplace wellness routine provides a simple yet powerful five-minute movement practice designed to relieve stress, increase focus, and ease the aches and pains of daily working life.

Of the 28,000 days we spend on this planet, most of us will spend 10,000 of them working. Whether you are working from home, in an office, or elsewhere, Mondays exists to help you feel good while working well. For everyone who’s ever had a case of the Mondays, this book will help get you moving and elevate your day.

Join us on the journey to a healthier and happier professional life.