Natural Sleeper: A Bedside Guide To Complementary &...

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Item#: 9781982160654
Author Wright, Julie
Cover Paperback

A comprehensive guide to natural and easy-to-access remedies for insomnia and poor sleep hygiene that will help you finally achieve a good night's rest.

Sleep is not only crucial to our overall health, but it also serves as the backbone of coping mechanisms in our restless, modern world. Now, with many of us feeling over-tired and under pressure, it's more important than ever to get a good night's sleep, andThe Natural Sleeperoffers a comprehensive collection of therapeutic solutions to improve sleep using natural remedies.

Combining self-help approaches and therapies, this practical book explores everything from ancient, traditional methods to contemporary practices including the use of herbal remedies, acupressure, sound therapy, essential oils, breath-work, moon milk, and more. Take charge, commit to change, and embark on an explorative journey to sleeping through the night with these soothing solutions designed to keep you healthy and improve your sleep routines and rituals.The Natural Sleeperis your one-stop guide to feeling rested and rejuvenated so you can make the most out of each day.