Queer Eye: Love Yourself. Love Your Life.

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Author Fab Five
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From the Fab Five--the beloved hosts of Netflix's viral hitQueer Eye--comes a book that is at once a behind-the-scenes exclusive, a practical guide to living and cele
ating your best life, and a symbol of hope.<
>Feeling your best is about far more than deciding what color to paint your accent wall or how to apply nightly moisturizer. It's also about creating a life that's well-rounded, filled with humor and understanding--and most importantly, that suits you. At a cultural moment when we are all craving people to admire,Queer Eyeoffers hope and acceptance. After you get to know the Fab Five, together they will guide you through five practical chapters that go beyond their designated areas of expertise (food & wine, fashion, grooming, home decor, and culture), touching on topics like wellness, entertaining, and defining your personal
and, and complete with bite-sized Hip Tips for your everyday quandaries. Above all else,Queer Eyeaims to help you create a happy and healthy life, rooted in self-love and authenticity.