Responsibility Ethic: 12 Winning Strategies To Power...

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Item#: 9781989025673
Author Kreek, Adam
Cover Paperback

How do you fuel lasting happiness? When you're striving toward a big milestone, how do you find the momentum to keep going? And when you're at the top of your game, how do you improve? It's not reaching toward the next major goal that will propel you to the next height. It's a relentless focus on taking responsibility for your actions that will drive you to the next level of success. InThe Responsibility Ethic, author, executive coach, and Olympic Gold Medalist Adam Kreek shares twelve principles for mastering this path of progress - from taking responsibility for the fear of failure to channeling stress into performance energy to embracing shared leadership and more.

The Responsibility Ethicreveals how to move forward by looking inward and doing the work to access your best, highest self, and how to find peace on even the toughest journeys. Drawing on stories from his training as an Olympian, his adventures rowing across the ocean in a team of four, and his career as an executive coach and speaker, Kreek is a powerful guide who shows you how to realize your full potential at any stage of your career and life.