Jackass Whisperer: How To Deal With The Worst People...

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Item#: 9781989025734
Author Stratten & Stratten
Cover Paperback

A rallying cry for everyone tired of keyboard commandos and people who use speakerphones in open plan offices,Youre Not the Jackass Whispereris your guide to dealing with the worst people on earth. Jackasses are those who make our lives needlessly harder. They drive too slowly in the fast lane and too quickly in the slow lane, reply all, heat up fish in the microwave at work and share way too much information about their cleanse on Facebook. They live in our homes, work in our offices and shop at our stores. Jackasses are among us, and we have some bad news for you: if you cant spot the Jackass at the (enter literally any place on the planet), then the Jackass is you. After a lifetime of research, Scott and Alison Stratten offer the definitive guide to surviving the Jackassery in your life and making the world a better place, one set of noise-cancelling headphones at a time.