Principles & Practice Of Anesthesia For Thoracic Surgery

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Edition 02
Author Slinger, Peter
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Updated and expanded, this comprehensive new edition captures the considerable evolution in the anesthetic management of patients requiring anesthesia for non-cardiac intrathoracic diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Major advances addressed include the expanded role of ultrasound beyond trans-esophageal echocardiography, the role of extra-corporeal mem
ane oxygenation in thoracic anesthesia, and postoperative pain management for thoracic surgery. Chapters are authored by prominent anesthesiologists and feature cases commonly encountered in clinical practice. Authoritative and the leading text in the field, this book will serve as an indispensible guide to practitioners of thoracic anesthesia at all levels.<

Short Description
This book covers recent advances in anesthesia for thoracic surgery, including advances in management of one-lung anesthesia, lung isolation, and lung transplantation. It includes clinical case discussions and tables of detailed anesthetic management.

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