Simple Truths About Leadership: Creating A People-Centric Cu

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Item#: 9783030039578
Edition 02
Author Peters, Larry
Cover Hardback

In the middle of the last decade, businesses have suffered serious harm due to the world-wide economic slowdown/great recession, geopolitical tensions and conflicts, and the very unpredictable nature of our government. In the process of staying the course, many business leaders have made a number of decisions and have taken a number of actions that have done harm to their relationships with their own employees. The resultant psychological contract told employees that their leaders were in it for themselves, for owners and stockholders, for positive reports from Wall Street, for their customer base ... for every stakeholder group other than the people who work there. This book offers a road map for creating a more engaged, committed workforce by adopting and maintaining a People-Centric culture. 

After describing why commitment and engagement are so important today, the author speaks to how mindsets that reflect an older business reality need to change before any sustainable change in behavior and work culture can occur.  This book underscores the role that leaders need to play by embracing 10 Simple Truths that underlie long-term, sustainable business success. Some argue that we may be approaching the next recession, and it is in those down times that businesses will need their people most. Now is the time for leaders to proactively start earning that support and turn their people into their partners rather than just their hired hands.

With a case study that describes a true People-Centric leader and that demonstrates what it takes to lead a culture change, this book is a call to action for leaders everywhere to (a) become a People-Centric leader, (b) earn the right to lead others toward this end, and (c) align their company culture with the mindset and capabilities needed to produce and sustain long-term business success.

If you are not getting the best from your people, read this book with the goal of turning that around. You will find it to be a good blueprint for leaders who attempt to create a more People-Centric culture.

Table of Contents

1. Setting the Stage.- 2. Times are a Changing... And So is Everything Else.- 3. The Answer Has Been Hiding in Plain Sight.- 4. What Does it Mean to Be a Partner.- 5. Balance Matters.- 6. Corporate Culture: It Takes More Than Donuts.- 7. Leading Culture Change - Moving From Here to There.- 8. Leading Self and Others To A More People-Centric Being.- 9. Growing the Next Generation of People-Centric Leaders.- 10. Leading A Culture Change Revolution - Your Leadership Challenge.- 11. Corporate Culture and People-Centric Leadersihp at Beryl- An Interview with Paul Spiegelman.