Pricing Puzzle: How To Understand & Create Impactful...

Item Information
Item#: 9783030507763
Author Yang, Jan Y.
Cover Paperback

The price of virtually any product or service can reveal intriguing stories. The author looks back at his own decade-long pricing journey and shares some of the most exciting and insightful pricing stories, allowing readers to see the world from a different angle. From pricing a chilled Coke in Tehran, to iPhone, to explaining the fall of MUJI, this book reveals the rationales behind and outcomes of various pricing strategies. The author also presents a number of stories from China, a \"price wonderland\" in which he, both as a consumer and a pricing consultant, has observed unconventional pricing practices rarely found elsewhere, such as the frequent use of negative prices among tech unicorns, i.e., sellers paying consumers to use their products.

Structured as a collection of short stories, the book offers a delightful and eye-opening reading experience for business owners, managers, and anyone interested in understanding what prices are, and how pricing works and interacts with us as customers.

Table of Contents
Oh price - Prelude.- The Power of Choice.- The Color of Pricing.- Good Morning Coffee.- (In)dispensable Spicy Chicken Wings.- Grocery Box in Parts.- Random Thoughts Up in the Air.- Carpe Diem.- The Tale of the Midnight Diner.- The Burden of Fame.- A Pricing Perspective on Double Eleven.- The Premium Mass Product.- A Chilled Coke in Tehran.- We Love Dynamic Pricing.- The Conundrum of Price Cut.- Behind the Scenes of Price Elasticity.- Profit Phobia.- iPricing.- The Milky Solution to a Luxury Problem.- The Coffee Revolution.- The Woes of MUJI.- Why Do We Want Price Inceases.- The Moral of Pricing.- Price in Pieces.- The Pricing Stories Continue.