Physical Therapy Examination & Assessment

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Item#: 9783131746412
Edition 01
Author Hueter-Becker & Doelken
Cover Paperback
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>Examination, clinical reasoning, therapeutic<
>interventions, and the therapist-patient relationship all play an inseparable<
>part in the physical therapy process.Physical Therapy and Assessmentprovides<
>PT students with logical, step-by-step guidance on how to perform examinations,<
>document findings, draw up individual treatment plans, and so help students gain<
>a better understanding of this complex process.Key Features<
>include:More than 350 high-quality color photos and illustrations<
>that accompany detailed assessment descriptionsSpecific guidance on:<
>structures and functions of the musculoskeletal system; joint measurement based<
>on the neutral zero method; testing intra-articular mobility; cardiopulmonary<
>functions; cardiac stress; and exertion assessmentA chapter devoted<
>to pain assessment and management, with access to free patient assessment forms<
>on Thieme’s MediaCenterAll first-and second-year physical therapy students<
>will find this book a valuable resource that enriches their learning experience<
>and enables them to successfully examine and evaluate<