Airway Management

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Because of his international prominence, Professor Khan has been able to gather an enviable list of experts in the field to contribute their experience with airway management in a multitude of clinical settings. The critical appraisal of the airway authored by the editor, Professor Khan, sets the stage for the important preoperative tests that may alert the clinician of the potential for a difficult airway so that appropriate plans can be made. The formidable "guest list" of authors spans the world and encompasses clinicians from Malaysia, the United States, Pakistan, India, Denmark, Singapore, Germany, Canada and Iran. What is equally remarkable is the list of topics discussed in the textbook and the varied clinical settings in which airway management is likely to pose particular and unique challenges: pediatrics; patients with cervical spine injury and those with traumatic
ain injury; ambulatory surgery; patients with obstructive sleep apnea and obstetric patients. The book also addresses the latest in technological advances that can aid the clinician in diagnosing and managing the difficult airway, such as ultrasonography and also describes surgical approaches to managing the difficult airway, such as cricothyrotomy. Finally, underscoring the truly international appeal of the textbook and acknowledging the potential technological limitations of the developing world, a chapter is dedicated to the use of indigenous devices in managing the difficult airway.

Table of Contents
Preface Foreword1. Physiology of the airway; Chan Yoo Kuen2. Airway Assessment- A Critical Appraisal; Zahid Hussain Khan3. Video laryngoscopy & indirect intubating aids in airway management; Thong Sze-Ying & Wendy H.L.Teoh4. Perioperative care of ambulatory anaesthesia; Anil Agarwal & Kamal Kishore 5. The pediatric airway: Normal and abnormal; Ina Ismiarti Shariffuddin & Lucy Chan6. Intubation of the pediatric patient; Josef Holzki7. The difficult pediatric airway: Management options; Mahesh Vakamudi 8. Perioperative Management of obstructive sleep apnea; Karen Mak & Edwin Seet 9. Airway management in traumatic
ain injury; Fauzia Anis Khan 10. Airway management in cervical spine injured patients; Srikanth Sridhar & Carin A. Hagberg11. Indigenous devises in difficult airway management;Virendra K. Arya 12. Cricothyrotomy; Virendra K. Arya13. Surgical airway; Jinbin Zhang and Orlando Hung 14. Surgical approaches to airway management; Surender K. Malhotra 15. Difficult Airway in Obstetrics;Sunanda Gupta & Apoorva Gupta16. Ultrasonography: Heralding a new era in airway management;Michael Seltz Kristensen & Wendy Teoh