Common Musculoskeletal Problems

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Edition 02
Author Daniels, James M (Ed)
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Primary care physicians are increasingly called upon to identify and manage complex musculoskeletal issues in their patients. This second edition of Common Musculoskeletal Problems in Primary Care: A Handbook is an excellent point of care resource for health care providers to better diagnose and treat patients presenting with common musculoskeletal complaints. Each chapter in this book focuses on a specific joint or region and discusses anatomy, red flags, approach to the patient, common clinical presentations and management, and includes a flow diagram to help direct management and follow-up of a patient's problem.A number of important updates in the field have been addressed in this revised version, most notably the inclusion of information on meaningful use. Meaningful Use legislation requires that healthcare providers give documentation on diagnosis and treatment to every patient at the time of their evaluation and as such, each chapter of this revised edition includes patient instructions and education sections for clinicians. Updated algorithms and physical examination sheets are provided and are formatted to easily fit into an electronic medical record.Featuring a user-friendly approach and step-by-step guidelines for managing a number of common musculoskeletal conditions, this handbook is an ideal reference for medical students, primary care residents and practicing primary care providers alike.

Table of Contents
1.Introduction.- 2.The Cervical Spine.- 3.The Shoulder.- 4.The Elbow.- 5.The Hand and Wrist.- 6.The Fingers.- 7.The Lumbosacral Spine.- 8.The Hip.- 9.The Knee.- 10.The Ankle.- 11.The Foot.- 12.Common Pediatric Musculoskeletal Problems.- 13.The Acutely Painful, Swollen Joint.- 14.Musculoskeletal Radiology.- 15.Splinting and Soft Tissue Issues.- 16.Pre-Participation Evaluation.- Appendix.- Index.