Cardiac Imaging In Clinical Practice

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Author Kireyev & Hung (Eds)
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This book provides a concise guide to echocardiography, SPECT, CT and MRI, including both the basics of cardiac imaging as well as tables of normal/abnormal values and guidelines.With advances in technology, cardiac CT and MRI are becoming more popular but are often limited to larger medical centers.  By including the basics of these modalities, this book provides a comprehensive guide for a wide range of medical professionals. As physicians outside of cardiology often do not have sufficient exposure to nuclear stress tests, this book contains SPECT and stress test protocols in order to facilitate decision-making when ordering tests and  interpreting results.Cardiac Imaging in Clinical Practice is a quick reference guide and will be useful at multiple levels of training, enabling the book to be used as a basic and advanced reference source. As such, it is appropriate for students, residents, fellows and staff attendings who want a practical and handy reference to the diagnostic options open to them. 

Table of Contents
Echocardiography-Physics basics.- Views.- Chamber quantification.- Valves: AS, AR, MS, MR, TS, TR, PS, PR subchapters.- Artificial valves basics, AS, AR, MS, MR, TS, TR, PS, PR.- Diastology.- Pericardial disease.- Cardiac Masses.- Non-invasive catheterization.- Basic cardiac anomalies.- Ischemic heart disease.- CHF.- Cardiomyopathies.- Systemic diseases.- Aortic disease.- Basics of bubble and contrast studies.- SPECT-Basics of SPECT Radioisotopes.- Ischemia work up.- Viability work up.- CT- Technique.- Indications.- Sample images.- MRI-Basic technique.- Indications.- Function, Viability.- Masses, CMP, scar, amyloid, HCM images.- Pericardium: inflammation, constriction vs. restriction.