Academic & Scientific Poster Presentation: A Modern...

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Item#: 9783319612782
Edition 01
Author Rowe, Nicholas
Cover Paperback

This book offers the first comprehensive guide to poster presentation at academic, scientific and professional conferences. Each chapter explores different factors that impact upon how posters function, and how they fit within today's conference practices, as well as provides guidance on how to address compilation and presentation issues with the poster medium. Drawing from fields of education, psychology, advertising and other areas, the book offers examples of how theories may be applied to practice in terms of both traditional paper and electronic poster formats. Importantly, the book offers a critical examination of how academic and scientific posters are able to achieve their potential for knowledge dissemination, networking and knowledge transfer.

The many new and challenging findings provide an evidence-based approach to help both novice and experienced presenters compile effective poster presentations, and to see how poster presentations can best be used to share knowledge, facilitate networking, and promote dialogue. Additionally, educators, employers, and conference organizers may use this book to re-evaluate how conferences meet the needs of today's globally connected peer groups, and the benefit they provide at individual and group levels.

Table of Contents
Introduction.- 1. Poster Presentations: Objectives, Functions and Issues.- 2. Knowledge Transfer in the Conference Setting.- 3. Preparation and Planning.- 4. Reconsidering Poster Presentation as a Combined Practice.- 5. Poster Design and the Viewer Perspective.- 6. Visual and Textual Elements: how we see posters.- 7. Presenting Information - images, facts and data.- 8. Themes, Color, Tone and Aesthetics.- 9. Evaluating Academic/Scientific Posters.- 10. Providing Supplementary Information.- 11. Delivering your Poster Presentation.- 12. Thinking Towards the Future.