Medical Writing: A Guide For Clinician Educators...

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Item#: 9783319701257
Edition 03
Author Taylor, Robert B
Cover Paperback

This book is a clear and comprehensive guide that assists readers in translating observations, ideas, and research into articles, reports, or book chapters ready for publication. For both researchers and practicing physicians, skills in medical writing are essential. Dr. Robert B. Taylor, a distinguished leader in academic medicine, uses a clear, conversational style throughout this book to emphasize the professional and personal enrichment that writing can bring. The text includes in depth instructions for writing and publishing: review articles, case reports, editorials and letters to the editor, book reviews, book chapters, reference books, research protocols, grant proposals, and research reports. This third edition is additionally fully updated to include the intricacies of medical writing and publishing today, with new coverage of: open access, pay to publish and predatory journals, peer review fraud, publication bias, parachute studies, public domain images, and phantom authors. Loaded with practical information, tips to help achieve publication, and real world examples, Medical Writing can improve skills for clinicians, educators, and researchers, whether they are new to writing or seasoned authors.

Short Description
Fully revised and updated, Medical Writing presents fundamental writing advice and includes two new chapters on writing research protocols and grant proposals. New appendices address commonly encountered research and statistical terms.

Table of Contents

Getting Started in Medical Writing.- Basic Writing Skills.- From Page One to the End.- Technical Issues in Medical Writing.- What's Special About Medical Writing?.- How to Write a Review Article.- Case Reports, Editorials, Letters to the Editor, Book Reviews, and Other Publication Models.- Writing Book Chapters and Books.- How to Write a Research Proposal.- How to Write a Grant Proposal.- How to Write a Report of a Clinical Study.- Getting Your Writing Published.