Introduction To Clinical Infectious Diseases

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Infectious diseases as a specialty suffers from many unique challenges stemming from lower salaries compared to other medical specialties and difficulty keeping the younger demographic within the field.  With emerging infections, new diagnostic and research tools, and changing migration patterns, these problems are amplified; infectious disease specialists are in higher demand than ever with fewer and fewer specialists available to support patients and colleagues outside of the field.  To meet these increasing challenges, it is vital for the workforce of the future to have the best training possible.  This book aims to provide this support. As trainees, all physicians face clinical infectious disease scenarios on a daily basis. They receive basic training in common infections, giving them the tools needed for initial diagnostic studies and empiric treatment.  This approach, however, still leaves them struggling with nuances of treating common infections, infections that masquerade as other diseases, rare infection, advanced diagnostics, complicating medical conditions, and a wide range of medical complexities.  Important clinical microbiology details and host susceptibility risks will be highlighted when discussing uncommon infections. Each chapter begins by defining a distinct clinical infectious disease problem and the most common cause(s). The next section of each chapter identifies the key questions to consider, including other possible pathogens, medical history,  alternate microbiologic diagnoses, instances of unexpected result.  This book is the only academic text designed specifically to meet this challenge by targeting learners at all levels. To do this, the text incorporate 30-40 common clinical infectious disease scenarios in both adult and pediatric hosts.  It includes easy-to-access "tips and tricks" for when to look further or consider possibilities that are unusual that is useful for someone who is new to the information or has limited experience within infectious diseases. The text heavily features teaching and learning tools, including call out boxes that prioritizes infectious etiologies, host risk factors, important microbiologic clues, and important clinical history clues.  The text also includes review questions and quiz-like challenges to reinforce the concepts. Written by experts in the fieldClinical Infectious Diseasesis the most cutting-edge academic resource for all medical students, fellows, residents, and trainees, including infectious disease specialists in both adult and pediatric care, internal medicine specialists, and hospitalists.

Table of Contents
Part I: Infections of the Skin and Lymph Nodes 1          Bacterial Infections of the Skin and Skin StructuresJennifer A. Nead, MD2          Fe
ile Exanthems of ChildhoodSteven D. Blatt and Daniel Blatt3          Acute and Chronic LymphadenitisAsalim Thabet, Rhonda Philopena, and Joseph DomachowskePart II: Infections of the Respiratory Tract 4          Otitis, Sinusitis, and  MastoiditisWinter S. Berry5          Pharyngitis and Pharyngeal Space InfectionsSusannah Orzell and Amar Suryadevara6          Pertussis and Pertussis SyndromeTina Q. Tan7          Laryngitis, Tracheitis, Epiglottitis and BronchiolitisDe
a Tristram8          Atypical PneumoniaElizabeth K. Nelsen9: Fungal PneumoniaThomas S. Murray, Jennifer Ellis Girotto, Nicholas J. BennettPart III: Infections of the Heart <
>10        Infective EndocarditisLaura E. Norton and Mary Anne Jackson11        Infectious MyocarditisMathew Egan12        Acute Rheumatic FeverAmbika ErankiPart IV: Infections of the Liver and Intestinal Tract 13        Infectious HepatitisPrateek D. Wali and Manika Suryadevara14        Liver AbscessAakriti Pandita, Waleed Javaid, and Tasaduq Fazili15        Infectious GastroenteritisPenelope H. DennehyPart V: Infections of the Urogenital Tract 16        Urinary Tract InfectionsMatthew A. Mittiga,17        Human Papillomavirus InfectionManika Suryadevara18        Prostatitis, Epididymitis, and Orchitis: Acute Scrotal PainKaren L. Teelin, Tara M. Babu, and Marguerite A. Urban19        Vaginitis, Mucopurulent Cervicitis, and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: Vaginal DischargeAllison H. Eliscu, Zachary Jacobs, and Gale R. Burstein20        Congenital and Perinatal InfectionsMayssa Abuali and Joseph DomachowskePart VI: Infections of the Central Nervous System 21        Myelitis and Acute Flaccid ParalysisJana Shaw22        Aseptic MeningitisBrian D. W. Chow23        Bacterial MeningitisFelicia Scaggs Huang, Rebecca C. Brady, and Joel Mortensen24        Parameningeal InfectionsStephen Barone25        MeningoencephalitisManika SuryadevaraPart VII: Toxin-Mediated Diseases, Bloodstream Infections and Their Complications 26        Tetanus, Diphtheria and BotulismRoberto Parulan Santos and Mary George27        Toxic Shock SyndromeTsoline Kojaoghlanian28        Bacteremia and Bacterial SepsisRichard Cantor and Kuldip Sunny Kainth29        Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infections (CLABSI)Kengo Inagaki and Rana E. El Feghaly30        Osteomyelitis and Septic ArthritisAngela L. Myers31        CandidiasisAnkhi Dutta32        Lyme DiseaseNicholas J. Bennett33        Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Other RickettsiosesAsif Noor, Amy B. Triche, and Leonard R. Krilov34        MalariaAndrea Shaw and Joseph Domachowske35        Yellow Fever and DengueZachary A. Jones and Stephen J. Thomas36        Chagas Disease: South American TrypanosomiasisJoseph F. Toth III and Joseph Domachowske37        LeptospirosisDaniel Lichtenstein and Joseph Domachowske38        LeprosyMegan A. Harris and Joseph Domachowske39        NeurocysticercosisParis Hantzidiamantis and Joseph DomachowskePart IX: Human Immune Deficiency Virus 40        Human Immune Deficiency Virus I: History, Epidemiology, Transmission and PathogenesisBradford Becken III, Ami Multani, Simi Padival, and Coleen K. Cunningham41        Human Immune Deficiency Virus II: Clinical Presentation, Opportunistic Infections, Treatment and PreventionAmi Multani, Bradford Becken III, and Simi PadivalPart X: Essentials of Diagnostic Microbiology 42        Essentials of Diagnostic Microbiology Scott W. Riddell and Soma Sanyal