General Orthopaedics & Basic Science

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This volume of the Orthopaedic Study Guide Series provides the foundation of general orthopedic and basic science. Chapters of this book cohere around three aspects of the musculoskeletal system, anatomy, physiology, and pathology. Next to basic principles, case reports underline key information relating to disorders, diagnosis, and treatment options. <
>Written by leading experts, this volume is a concise guide designed as quick reference, thereby it presents a useful resource for orthopedic residents and fellows. <

Table of Contents
Musculoskeletal System Anatomy.- Spine.- Pelvis and Hip.- Shoulder and Elbow.- Knee.- Foot & ankle.-Musculoskeletal System Physiology.- Bone Tissue.- Muscle and ligament Tissue.- Cartilage Tissue.-Musculoskeletal System Pathology.- Metabolic diseases.- Orthopaedic related issues with Genetic disorders.- Infectious Diseases.- Pain management in Orthopaedics.- Bone Healing.- Osteoarthrosis.- Inflammatory Arthropathies/ Rheumatic Disorders.- Repair of ostoechondral defects in the knee by cellular (chondrocyte and stem cell).- Transplantation.- Heterotopic ossification.- Metastatic Bone Tumors.- Imaging.- Techniques.- Ethics.