Concise Guide To Hematology

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This text provides a comprehensive overview of the essential concepts and malignancies of hematology. Now in its second edition, the book reviews every major hematologic disorder and disease entity in thorough detail, from incidence and prevalence to patient and treatment-related issues. Formatted in an organized and easy-to-read outline style to facilitate rapid learning and information processing, the book allows readers to easily locate topics of immediate interest without wading through entire sections to obtain the desired data. <
>Written by a diverse range of experts in the field,Concise Guide to Hematology, Second Editionis a valuable resource for clinicians, residents, trainees, and entry-level fellows who work in or are just entering the field of hematology.

Table of Contents
1 Introduction to HematologyAlvin H. Schmaier<
>2 HematopoiesisGa
iel Ghiaur, Richard J. Jones<
>3 Red Blood Cell Biochemistry and PhysiologyEduard J. van Beers, Richard van Wijk<
>4 Anemia: Clinical ApproachPeter W. Marks<
>5 Iron DeficiencyGordon D.  McLaren<
>6 Vitamin-B12 (Cobalamin) and Folate DeficiencyAÅok C. Antony<
>7 Sickle Cell Disease and the HemoglobinopathiesJane A. Little, Lydia Pecker, Carolyn Hoppe <
>8 Congenital Hemolytic AnemiasXylina Gregg, Archana Agarwal, Josef T. Prchal<
>9 Acquired Hemolytic AnemiasTheodosia A. Kalfa<
>10 Physiology of HemostasisAlvin H. Schmaier<
>11 Approach to the Bleeding PatientAlvin H. Schmaier<
>12 Congenital Bleeding DisordersRohith Jesudas, Steven W. Pipe<
>13 Acquired Bleeding DisordersMarcel Levi<
>14 Platelet Function in Hemostasis and Inherited Disorders of Platelet Number and Function A. Koneti Rao, Natthapol Songdej<
>15 Acquired ThrombocytopeniaTheodore E. Warkentin, Siraj Mithoowani, Donald M. Arnold<
>16 ThrombosisSargam Kapoor, Mukesh K. Jain, Lalitha Nayak <
>17 Anticoagulants and Treatment of Venous ThromboembolismAllison Burnett, Jack Ansell<
>18 Antiplatelet Therapy in Cardiovascular Disease Alec A. Schmaier, Deepak L. Bhatt<
>19 Physiological Roles of Leukocytes and DisordersJahnavi Gollamudi, Alex Y. Huang, Evi X. Stavrou<
>20 Pediatric HematologySanjay P. Ahuja<
>21 Bone Marrow Structure And Marrow Aspiration, Biopsy, And Collection For Therapeutic Intent ProceduresHoward Meyerson, Suchitra Sundaram, Hillard M. Lazarus <
>22 Flow Cytometry in HematologyHoward Meyerson <
>23 Genetics In Hematologic Disorders: Implications of Recurring Chromosome Abnormalities and Gene MutationsYanming Zhang<
>24 Understanding Molecular Testing In Patients Affected By Hematologic DisordersChristopher Ryder, Menglei Zhu, Navid Sadri<
>25 Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML)Thomas G. Knight, Michael R. Grunwald, Edward Copelan<
>26 Myeloproliferative NeoplasmsEmma J. Gudgin, Anna L. Godfrey<
>27 Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS)Yazan Madanat, Mikkael A. Sekeres<
>28 Acute LeukemiaKamal Menghrajani, Martin S. Tallman<
>29 Classification of LymphomasColin McHugh, Kerry Schaffer, Carla Casulo<
>30 Clinical Evaluation and Management of Hodgkin LymphomaNmazuo W. Ozuah,  Ann S. LaCasce<
>31 Indolent LymphomasThomas M. Habermann<
>32 Aggressive LymphomaTimothy Fenske, Jonathan T. Kapke<
>33 Clinical Evaluation and Management of Chronic Lymphocytic LeukemiaNitin Jain, Susan O'Brien<
>34 Plasma Cell DisordersTaimur Sher, Morie A. Gertz<
>35 Neoplastic Hematologic Disorders In Children and AdolescentsRupert Handgretinger, Michaela Döring<
>36 Transfusion MedicineEmily K. Storch, Brian S. Custer, Jay E. Menitove, Paul D. Mintz<
>37 Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation Gordon L. Phillips II, Hillard M. Lazarus<
>38 Infections in Hematology PatientsOla Blennow, Per Ljungman<