Muscle & Tendon Injuries: Evaluation & Management

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This book explores in a comprehensive manner the causes and symptoms of muscle and tendon pathologies, the available diagnostic procedures, and current treatment approaches. Specific aspects of the anatomy, biomechanics, and function of muscles and tendons are analyzed, and detailed guidance is provided on the most innovative methods - both conservative and surgical - for ensuring that the athlete can make a safe and quick return to sporting activity. Optimal care of tendon and muscle injuries in sportspeople requires effective cooperation of sports scientists and medical practitioners to identify the best ways of preserving muscle and tendon structures and to develop new strategies for their rehabilitation and regeneration. Muscle and Tendon Injuries is an excellent multidisciplinary reference written by the leading experts in the field and published in collaboration with ISAKOS. It will appeal to all specialists in sports medicine and sports traumatology who are seeking a state of the art update on the management of muscle and tendon disorders.<

Table of Contents
Functional morphology of muscles and tendons.- Biomechanics of tendons.- Pathophysiology of Tendinopathy.- Tendon healing.- Musculotendinous junction injuries.- Magnetic Resonance Imaging.- Ultrasound Imaging.- Classification of muscular lesions.- Prevention of musculotendinous pathologies.- Why the tendon tears and doesn't like to heal.- Cellular therapy for tendon regeneration.- PRP and tendon pathologies.- Biomaterials for tendon regeneration.- New Strategies for muscular repair and regeneration.- Nonoperative treatment options for tendinopathies.- Use of nutraceuticals for tendinopathies.- Surgical treatment of acute and chronic muscle injuries.- Rotator cuff tendinopathy.- Anterior Superior Rotator cuff ruptures.- Long head of the biceps tendinopathy.- The subscapularis tendon.- Epicondylitis and epitrocleitis.- Distal biceps
achii tendon.- Hand and wrist tendinopathies.- Hip tendinopathies.- Groin pain.- Quadriceps injuries.- Hamstring muscles injuries.- Patellar tendon rupture.- Patellar tendinopathy.- Periarticular tendinopathies of the knee.- Pitfalls and risks of tendon harvest about the knee.- Triceps surae injuries.- Achilles tendon rupture.- Achilles tendinopathy.- Tibialis anterior and Posterior tendon.- Peroneal Tendons.- Insertional plantar fasciitis.- Posterior ankle impingement: can there be a tendinous entity?- Compartment Syndromes.- Gelsolin in Tendon Lesions.- Shock wave therapy for tendinopathies.<