How To Create Better Ideas: Connecting The Left & Right...

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Item#: 9789063695866
Author Roozekrans, Joost
Cover Paperback

How to Create Better Ideas gives insight in the design process and how to create better ideas with examples ranging from Precious Plastic to the Sheltersuit. It is divided into two sections: the right and left brain. The first part analyses the general design process. The second part introduces six self-developed methods that teach you to create more and better visual ideas relevant for all design disciplines.

It is a book for anyone who would like to learn and understand design more in-depth. For anyone who wants to know the answers to these questions: what is design, what is creativity, what mentality and conditions are needed to guarantee a productive design process. For design educators and students, and for those working with designers as a client or commissioner. But definitely also for design professionals that want to boost their ability to create visual ideas.