Non-Medical Masks for Sale

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Please note that any mask, regardless of how many filters it contains or how good of a seal it has on your face, will have little effect if you are not also practicing other measures such as hand washing, social distancing, and not touching your face.

Before purchasing any mask it is important that you understand the following:

Reusable Cloth Mask

  • Dual-Layer Construction
  • Technical Fabric
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Are available in 2 sizes
  • Need to be washed in between uses, either by hand or by machine
  • Hang to dry or tumble dry on low temperature
  • Meant for use when all other options for physical (social) distancing and safety controls have been deemed unfit
  • As these are reusable masks, it is crucial that you follow proper procedure for putting on and taking off the mask, as well as how to properly clean it. Click here to view a guide provided by the University.

Everyday Disposable Face Masks

  • Disposable everyday mask made from 3 layers of non-woven material
  • Not meant for use at any medical facility
  • Meant to be disposed of after finished use
  • It is crucial that you follow proper procedure for putting on and taking off the mask. Click here to view a guide provided by the University.

Limitations and Risks

  • These masks are not PPE and are completely voluntary, but are recommended when physical (social) distancing cannot be maintained.
  • Their ability to prevent your spreading of the virus by breathing, talking, sneezing, or coughing is limited and variable.
  • Depending on the distance between you and others, the masks may or may not reduce the spread of the virus from the wearer into the breathing space of another.
  • These masks are not the same as respirators and are not a suitable for tasks requiring the use of respirator protection, nor are they an alternative to wearing them. 
  • Wearing masks does not mean that you no longer have to practice social distancing, good hygiene, and isolating if you are sick.
  • These masks become less effective if they become wet or dirty, so they must be changed or cleaned frequently and routinely.
  • Reusing or touching a contaminated mask can lead to self-contamination, especially in places where allergens, chemicals, or other hazardous materials are nearby and can be absorbed into the mask.
  • Do not be fooled by any false sense of security, you still need to pay attention to the other necessary preventative measures such as hand washing and social distancing.
  • This will not ensure the safety of others if you are sick or are showing symptoms.

If you are sick or are showing symptoms you should be wearing a mask to prevent the spread to other people. Masks are an appropriate piece of halting the spread of infection if you believe you are showing symptoms of COVID-19, or you are caring for a person who is showing symptoms. The mask is meant to stop the particles from spreading when you cough or sneeze. Stay home if you are sick, the use of a mask does not make it safe for you to go out in public but rather it can help to prevent the spread of germs within your home.

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