Technology : Longboards

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The Globe Monstera Pintail features a classic pintail shape. Reverse kingpin trucks makes it stable at speeds without sacrificing any agility and the natural flex of the deck enhances your carves for a smooth, surfy feel.

Complete Longboard Skateboard Features:

9-ply epoxy resin pressed maple deck

Slant 180mm 50/54 degree reverse kingpin trucks

Globe 70mm /83a high rebound formula wheels

Abec 7 bearings

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Drop-Through with cutaway wheel wells. Size 41" X 9.75" x 28.5 wheelbase

Resin-8 hard rock maple

Cambered flex and mellow side to side concave

Built with Paris 180 Black trucks, arbor mosh 65mm yellow wheels, and precision Abec 7 Bearings