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Anxiety is an epidemic and it touches people from all walks of life, knowing no age, gender, cultural, or economic boundaries. It can be paralyzing while considerably narrowing the scope of your life. This book provides practical, wholistic, easily understood strategies for all ages, presented through storytelling and the sharing of real experiences. You will discover the benefits of cognitive behavioral work (yes, your thinking and behavior do matter!) and learn how to let go of control, stop what-iffing, set boundaries, calm your body, and stop stewing; all to help you alleviate your anxiety. You will discover the importance of effective strategies such as visualization, mindfulness and meditation, self-care, and the practice of gratitude. The author believes that anxiety is impacted by our life experience and the manipulation of our DNA at the cellular level, but more importantly, that it is largely a learned behavior. The good news is this: what you have learned you can also unlearn ? and then you can learn something new! As you move through this book you will be gently coached to befriend and then let go of your anxiety, creating lasting change.

Gail A. Barrett, MA, RCC

Gail Barrett was born into a Saskatchewan farming family of seven, springing from the strong values of compassion, kindness, and equality for all human beings. She was raised with the belief that if you try your best, it will always be good enough. Gail seeks balance in all areas of her life, and finds great contentment in her work as a counsellor, and in her role as a mother, grandmother, sister, and friend. Gail has a Master's Degree in Psychology Counselling and is also certified to work with Trauma Recovery and Grief Support. Using a wholistic approach, much of her work is devoted to helping clients understand and manage their anxiety.