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This life-size three-piece model of the human heart is the premiere educational tool in the instruction of heart disease.

The tricuspid valve is removable for ease of examination. This invaluable model also comes with a full color patient education card illustrating general heart anatomy and heart disease. Additionally, the model stand, included with the Diseased State Heart model, can be used to hold the anterior part of the model. Included with the heart model are removable discs showing stages of CAD (coronary heart disease) . The Diseased State Heart Model is an invaluable aid to patient education and awareness of heart disease. This fits together without pins, posts or hinges, providing unobstructed viewing of interior and exterior features Model Dimensions: 5 1/4" x 4 1/4" x 3".

Details include: coronary bypass, stent in right coronary artery, bio-valve replacement of Tricuspid valve, removable aortic semilunar valve demonstrating valve damage.

Some interior features in detail: calcification (right atrium, left ventricular hypertrophy), fatty streaking (ascending aorta), calcification of valves, infection/vegetation (pulmonary semilunar valve), disc cross sections (blocked artery, ruptured plaque, artery with plaque, and normal artery).