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Perfect size for trying a new medium or as a travel set.

All Art Advantage paints sets offer good light fastness and covering power. Acrylic sets manufactured using only quality pigments. Suitable for a variety of techniques and surfaces: canvas, wood, paper and fabric. Water soluble when wet. No solvents required for either diluting the paint or cleaning brushes and palettes. Acrylics dry rapidly and successive layers can be overpainted. Permanent and flexible when dry.

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12 X 12ml (0.4 fl oz( paint tubes

Highly pigmented, brilliant colors

Easy to blend and mix with smooth consistency

Perfect for fine art and craft applications

Colors lay down thick for texture and impressive brush marks

Thin wtih water for subtle washes

For use on a wide variety of surfaces

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Compact Intro set includes 12 10ml paints, three brushes, mini palette, pencil, eraser and sharpener all conveniently housed in a slim art box. Set is slender enough to fit in backpack or portfolio for on-the-go painting.

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No other painting medium is as verstaile as the acrylic colours

12 highly pigmented, covering colours with a creamy consistency are the ideal way to get started with the multifaceted world of acrylic painting

12 tubes of 12ml paint

Painting directly out of the tube, diluting water like watercolour or applying it pastose: acrylic colours are uniquely creative

The water-resistant, quick drying of the colour invites one to spontaneous pain on paper, canvas, wood and stone

The surface should always be non-fatty and grounded

It is important to wash out the brushes quickly after using them, because dried paint is no longer soluble

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The compact sets are an easy and inexpensive way to getting started with new painting techniques.

12 tubes of 12 ml each

Painting like the old masters

The extraordinary brilliance of oil colours inspires beginners and experienced artists.

The 12 oil colours, with its high pigmentation, optimal opacity and velvet application are the ideal way to get started with oil painting

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Delicate and rich colours, beautiful flow and painting with coincidence - only watercolours can offer this

12 highly pigmented colours with exceptional brightness are the ideal way to getting started with watercolour painting

12 tubes of 12ml paint