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ENG260 (ENG) - Detective Fiction Crn84456   Instructor: Martin, Ann

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Hardy Boys 101: Tower Treasure
Nancy Drew 09: Sign of the Twisted Candles
Longman Anthology Of Detective Fiction
Author: Mansfield-Kelley & Marchino
Item#: 9780321195012
Publisher: Longman Publishing / Addison W

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Strong Poison
Author: Sayers, Dorothy
Item#: 9780062196200
Publisher: Harpercollins Trade Sales Dept

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Author: Penny, Louise
Item#: 9781926583242
Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers

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Devil In A Blue Dress
Author: Mosley, Walter
Item#: 9780743451796
Publisher: Washington Square Press

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Red Power Murders: A Dreadfulwater Mystery
Author: King, Thomas
Item#: 9780006395515
Publisher: Harper Collins

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Hardy Boys 01: Tower Treasure
Author: Dixon, Franklin
Item#: 9780448089010
Publisher: Penguin

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Nancy Drew 09: Sign Of The Twisted Candles
Author: Keene, Carolyn
Item#: 9780448095097
Publisher: Penguin

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