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PHIL120 (PHIL) - Knowledge Mind Existence Crn84868
Instructor: Jenkins, Anthony

Problems Of Philosophy
Author: Russell, Bertrand
Item#: 9780195115529
Publisher: Oxford University Press

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Meditations On First Philosophy
Author: Descartes (Ed. Cottingham)
Item#: 9781107665736
Publisher: Cambridge Univ Pr (Schol/Prof)

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Great Dialogues Of Plato
Author: Plato (Trans. Rouse)
Item#: 9780451471703
Publisher: New Amer Library / Penguin Boo

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PHIL120 (PHIL) - Knowledge Mind Existence Crn81892
Instructor: Day, Mary

Classics Of Philosophy
Author: Pojman & Vaughn
Item#: 9780199737291
Publisher: Oxford Univ Pr

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PHIL120 (PHIL) - Knowledge Mind Existence Crn86383
Instructor: Hudson, Robert

Introducing Philosophy: Knowledge & Reality
Author: Crumley, Jack
Item#: 9781554811298
Publisher: Broadview Press

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PHIL120 (PHIL) - Knowledge Mind Existence Crn82739
Instructor: Howe, Leslie

Echoes From The Cave
Author: Gannett, Lisa
Item#: 9780195433692
Publisher: Oxford University Press

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