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ENG207 (ENG) - Decolonizing Literatures Crn22896
Instructor: Leow, Joanne

Lonely Londoners
Author: Selvon, Sam
Item#: 9780141188416
Publisher: Penguin

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No Longer At Ease
Author: Achebe, Chinua
Item#: 9780385667814
Publisher: Anchor

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Map Of The Invisible World
Author: Aw, Tash
Item#: 9780771009020
Publisher: Mcclelland & Stewart

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White Tiger
Author: Adiga, Aravind
Item#: 9781416562603
Publisher: Free Press

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Brown Girl In The Ring
Author: Hopkinson, Nalo
Item#: 9780446674331
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

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