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BIOL120 (BIOL) - Nature Of Life Crn42057
Instructor: Rawal, Indermohan

BIOL120 (BIOL) - Nature Of Life Crn41656
Instructor: Christopher Todd

BIOL120 (BIOL) - Nature Of Life Crn40480
Instructor: Smith, Douglas

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: Students should purchase ONLY one of the textbook options.  Students only taking 120 should purchase Volume 1 (isbn 0176862307). Students also taking 224 should consider purchasing the full text (isbn 0176862463), or the eText option (9780176770914), but note that the textbook is moving into a new edition in the fall. The new 2021-2022 lab manual is required.

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MindTap Course Key: MTPN-H42Z-30NB

Biology: Diversity Of Life Etext W/ Mindtap 12 Months
Author: Russell, Et Al.
Item#: 9780176770914
Ed: 04

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