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MATH110 (MATH) - Calculus 1 Crn40055
Instructor: Puttipong Pongtanapaisan

ATTENTION: The single-term WebAssign is the minimum requirement for this class. Students ONLY taking 110 should buy the single-term WebAssign with eText (isbn 9781337771498). Students taking BOTH 110 & 116 (in the summer) as a sequence should buy the multi-term WebAssign with eText (isbn 9781337771504). Alternatively, students preferring a physical book can buy the loose-leaf bundled with a two term WebAssign (isbn 9781337818377). Students purchasing the physical bundle should know that the WebAssign is printed on a card and shrink wrapped in the bundle, the WebAssign is not emailed to you in advance.

Single Variable Calc.Ll W/Multi-Term Webassign & Sol.Manual
Author: Stewart, James
Item#: 9781337818377
Ed: 08

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This is the Single Variable Calculus loose-leaf bundled with the Solution Manual and a multi-term Web-Assign. 

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MATH110 (MATH) - Calculus 1 Crn41925
Instructor: To Be Advised