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ENG113 (ENG) - Reading Narrative Crn41495
Instructor: Matlock, Rita

My Last Duchess & Other Poems
Author: Browning, Robert
Item#: 9780486277837
Ed: 01

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Turn Of The Screw
Author: James, Henry
Item#: 9780486266848
Ed: 01

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Chasing Painted Horses
Author: Taylor, Drew Hayden
Item#: 9781770866089

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Understanding The Short Story
Author: Matheson, Terry (Permacharts)
Item#: 9781554312511
Ed: 01

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Pocket Style Manual
Author: Hacker & Sommers
Item#: 9781319169541
Ed: 09

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ENG113 (ENG) - Reading Narrative Crn41893
Instructor: Ian Moy

Wild Geese
Author: Ostenso, Martha
Item#: 9780771093944
Ed: 01

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Marrow Thieves
Author: Dimaline, Cherie
Item#: 9781770864863

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Course Pkg For Eng 113 (Moy) Print On Demand Final Sale
Author: Moy, Ian
Item#: 40000241311

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